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How to install solar panel roof mounts

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How to install solar panel roof mounts

The installation of photovoltaic brackets on the roof needs to choose the appropriate installation method according to different types of roofs. Common installation methods include additional type, ballast type and pile foundation type. If the roof belongs to the color steel tile type, it is generally considered to be an additional type, and the components are directly tiled on the color steel tile, especially the general color steel tile roof has no parapet, and the tiled type has the best windproof effect and is the safest; In addition, the color steel tile roof also has a certain inclination angle. Although it may not be the best inclination angle corresponding to photovoltaic power generation, the renovation cost brought about by increasing the inclination angle also needs to be considered comprehensively. For cement roofs, it is usually flat, and the common installation methods are ballast type and concrete foundation pile type. Many times, building owners do not allow drilling into flat concrete roofs, either because they are concerned about the strength of older buildings, or because they do not want to alter the waterproofing of the roof. This is why ballast or concrete foundation installations are chosen. Since the ballast type is not anchored to the roof, windproof treatment can be considered on the side, especially for cement roofs without parapets.

There are three types of solar panel supports: fixed photovoltaic support, tracking photovoltaic support and building integrated photovoltaic support. Among them, the fixed photovoltaic support refers to the support system whose orientation and angle remain unchanged after installation; the tracking photovoltaic support refers to the angle of the solar module that changes with the movement of the sun to maximize the absorption of solar energy; Integrated photovoltaic support refers to the integration of solar modules into the building structure when designing buildings to achieve the purpose of beauty and energy saving.

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