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What is Ground pile and How to install Ground Pile

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What is Ground pile and How to install Ground Pile

Spiral ground pile is a kind of ground bored pile with spiral characteristics, including drill bit/drill pipe/spiral blade and connecting pipe, and the drill pipe is connected with the power input connector. It is convenient to drive the pile into the ground and use it directly as the pile body. The spiral ground pile can penetrate and compact the soil around the pile hole, which improves the side friction resistance of the soil around the pile, so that the pile foundation has strong bearing capacity, pullout resistance, horizontal resistance, small deformation and good stability.

The installation steps of the screw ground pile are as follows:

1. Measurement stakeout

2. Pile driver in place

3. Hoisting pile feeding

4. Verticality correction

5. Hydraulic precession

6. Stop precession

7. Pile driver displacement

Firstly, a selection test is carried out for the landform type, and continuous small leaves and large leaves are selected in sections. If the selection is incorrect, it will not be screwed into the soil layer smoothly, and repeated friction will cause a large area of galvanized layer to wear, which will reduce the anti-corrosion ability of the landform. The installation of ground anchor piles is the focus of the construction of spiral steel piles. The operation of the ramming machine is carried out according to the pile position of the measurement and setting out. Before the crawler machine piling, choose a relatively flat and stable place to be in place. If the ground slope is steep, use the hoist to carry out the ramming machine. First, adjust the drilling rig head, front, back, left, and right. After the preliminary adjustment, use a level ruler or a wire hammer to lift the verticality to confirm that there is no error in the next step of construction. The pile position deviation is required to be <50mm, and the verticality is 90±3.

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