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What is solar mounting system

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What is solar mounting system

The installation steps of the solar mounting system are as follows:

1. Determine the installation location, measure the size, and make an installation plan.

2. Install the main body of the bracket, including columns, inclined beams, beams, etc.

3. Install the supporting parts, including connecting parts, fixing parts, etc.

4. Install photovoltaic modules, paying attention to the orientation and azimuth of the modules.

5. Adjust the stand height and angle to make it the best.

The accessories of photovoltaic support include: straight line connecting plate, hinge connecting plate, turning connecting plate, variable angle connecting plate, partition, pressure plate, fasteners, etc. These accessories need to consider durability, corrosion resistance, adjustability, economy, construction convenience, etc. The materials must be able to withstand various harsh environments on the project site to ensure 25 years of weather resistance, corrosion resistance and structural strength.

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