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SNEC International Solar photovoltaic Exhibition

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SNEC International Solar photovoltaic Exhibition

In May 2023, our company participated in the SNEC International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition held in Shanghai. As a photovoltaic industry enterprise, we have brought the latest technology and products to the exhibition, attracting the attention of many professionals and visitors.

This exhibition is one of the major events in the global photovoltaic industry, bringing together renowned enterprises, experts and scholars from around the world. Our booth features photovoltaic brackets as the theme, showcasing the company's latest products in solar photovoltaic brackets. This includes solar roof support systems, solar floor support systems, and various solar accessories.

During the exhibition, we also organized a series of exciting activities, such as technical seminars, product demonstrations, etc. Through communication and cooperation with industry experts and customers, we have further deepened our understanding of market demand and trends, and received valuable feedback.

Participating in the SNEC exhibition is not only an opportunity to showcase our company's strength and innovation capabilities to the outside world, but also an important platform for communication and cooperation with peers and expanding cooperation channels. Through this exhibition, we will further enhance our brand influence, expand market share, and promote the development of the photovoltaic industry.

After the exhibition, we will continue to strive for innovation, continuously improve our company's strength and product quality, and make greater contributions to promoting sustainable energy development. Looking forward to the arrival of the next SNEC exhibition and once again sharing the grand event with global peers!

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