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What Are The Advantages of Photovoltaic Power Generation?

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What Are The Advantages of Photovoltaic Power Generation?

1. Solar energy resources are inexhaustible.

2. Green and environmentally friendly. Photovoltaic power generation itself does not require fuel, does not emit carbon dioxide, and does not pollute the air. It does not produce noise.

3. Wide range of applications. As long as there is light, the solar power generation system can be used. It is not restricted by factors such as region and altitude.

4. No mechanical rotating parts, simple operation and maintenance, stable and reliable operation. As long as there is sun, a photovoltaic system will generate electricity, and now all automatic control numbers are used, basically no manual operation is required.

5. Abundant materials for solar cell production: Silicon material reserves are abundant, and its abundance in the earth's crust ranks second after oxygen, reaching 26%.

6. Long service life. The life of crystalline silicon solar cells can be as long as 20 to 35 years. In photovoltaic power generation systems, as long as the design is reasonable and the selection is appropriate, the life of the battery can also be as long as 10 years.

7. The solar cell module has a simple structure, is small and light, is easy to transport and install, and has a short construction period.

8. The system is easy to combine. Several solar cell modules and battery cells are combined into the solar cell array and battery group of the system; the inverter and controller can also be integrated. The system can be large or small and is very easy to expand.

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