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Zhejiang Haina Solar Tech Participates in Solar Energy Expo 2024

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Zhejiang Haina Solar Tech Participates in Solar Energy Expo 2024

Zhejiang Haina Solar Tech Co., Ltd. recently participated in the Solar Energy Expo 2024,showcasing its latest solar mounting system accessories. The company displayed a series ofsamples of solar support systems at the exhibition, including solar ground screw, roof hooks,aluminum profile and more.

These accessories are an integral part of the solar system and are used to support and securesolar panels. By participating in Solar Energy Expo 2024, Zhejiang Haina Solar Tech show-cases its innovative technologies and high-quality products in the field of solar mountingsystem accessories to industry professionals worldwide.

The exhibition provided the company with a platform to showcase its solar mounting systemaccessories,not only showcasing its latest products and technologies,but also extensiveexchanges and cooperation with other industry professionals. Through the interaction withdomestic and foreign counterparts, Zhejiang Haina Solar Tech has further expanded the inter-national market and strengthened the cooperative relationship with partners.

As a company dedicated to the research and development and innovation of solar mountingsystem accessories, Zhejiang Haina Solar Tech will continue to strive to provide more reliableand efficient solutions.We will continue to work closely with our partners to advance thedevelopment and application of solar technology and contribute to a sustainable energy future.

Zhejiang Haina Solar Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, production, sales, and related consulting services of solar photovoltaic fasteners. Its main products include rooftop solar mounting systems, ground solar mounting systems, solar mounting accessories, and more.




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